Ethics Awareness Challenge

Business Professionals of America is excited to announce the Ethics Awareness Challenge, a new partner competition with MBA Research and the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative.

Teams will develop a video focused on promoting the importance of ethics. Completed projects must focus on the eight (8) principles of ethics defined by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative ( The target audience may be local school/community or be focused on broad awareness of ethics. Teams are encouraged to use the Leadership Academy on Ethics course content for additional resources, the course can be accessed here:

  1. Teams can include two (2) to four (4) BPA Middle Level division or Secondary division members.
  2. Chapters can submit multiple teams (entries), but members may not be on more than one (1) team.
  3. Your mission is to create a video showcasing the importance of ethics. The video must be between one (1) and two (2) minutes.
  4. You will submit your project for review by an industry panel of judges.